Wolf Airmask WA(1000)
This device can cover upto 1000 Square Feet

This is the most innovative product ever developed when it comes to indoor air quality. The negative ions generated by the WOLF AIR MASK creates clusters around airborne mold, corona or influenza viruses, allergens, bacteria, pollens, dust, etc. and make them inactive.
The AIR MASK Technology works like an Air Mask and cleans the air by creating plasma state highly reactive species of ambient air molecules. AIR MASK thus creates an Air Mask type of environment by deactivating the virus threat and works on even the smallest of the known pollutants and dangerous organisms. It's so silent yet effective at its job with high efficiency and economy.
The WOLF AIR MASK generates around 100 trillion negatively charged ions per second. At this emission rate it is highly potent electrostatically charged air molecules, gets attracted to positive charged airborne particles and aerosol droplets, and attaches to them in large numbers. Patent pending Air Mask technology used can discharge up to 100 trillion negative ions per cm3, which will bind with the positively charged Amino acid sequence of the surface protien of the corona strain.

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The created negative ions floats and saturates the air and surround the hemagglutinin, the surface proteins on the micro-organisms or virus which trigger infections in the host cell. The negative ions formed then change into highly reactive OH groups, which take a hydrogen molecule from the hemagglutinin and transforms it into water (H2O). The hemagglutinin molecules are destroyed, and so the virus becomes deactivated.


Filters can catch 3 μm and bigger particles. Viruses are so tiny and go slow as PM 0.003 and HEPA filters won’t stop them, or rereleases again back to the air. WOLF AIR MASK works like an Air Mask and deactivate Nano size particles, organisms and Pathogens right there in the air.


Unlike all the HEPA filters in the market which needs constant replacement of their filters, which is a recurrent cost. WOLF AIR MASKs generate Ions and thrusts it out of the generator. So, Ions reache out and neutralizes the virus but Incase of filters, they inefficeintly try to drag pollutants and other micro organisms to the machine making it a bio hazhard.


Air we breathe is full of all types of particles and some of them are so small and harmful. You won’t see them but they end up in the lung and bloodstream. Ultra-fine particles, or nano particles as they are called, are more than 90% of the indoor air. Our AIR MASKs remove these particles faster and faster till it reaches a saturation level, that the moment they enter the room, they are removed.


WOLF AIR MASKs are designed for maximum Ion generation with highest energy efficiency. It silent and works relentlessly in the background cleaning the air of pathogens and dust. Plug in and it plays.


Its designed in India. Its manufactured in India. Employees are based in India. Ownership is Indian. And it is made for the World. We believe this to the core and that’s exactly how our WOLF Protektion Range of products are made. We got some of the best product designers of India sat together with the young innovative engineers from some of the best Institutes our country is proud of. Your country is going places and this is your proof.

Before Wolf Protektion Treatments :
  • Please remove any odor causing or decaying substance from the area that the machine is going to work.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Can be used regularly like any indoor gadget.
  • Don’t block airflow vents.
  • Keep the unit clean and dry.

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